About us

Our most important goal is to obtain the best trading conditions for our Clients. While striving for it, we follow good business practices and maintain full transparency in our activities. The norms we follow are as important to us as the goal we want to achieve.




I. Basic values ​​and ethical principles:

  1. Impartiality – we do not represent the interests of any supplier. We receive remuneration only from our Clients.
  2. Equal opportunities – we act in accordance with the law and good manners, respecting the interests of customers and suppliers. We treat each supplier the same, using identical criteria. This way we create level playing field for all suppliers to submit the most advantageous offer.
  3. Confidentiality – information contained in offers is protected. Under no circumstances will we disclose the commercial terms contained in the offers to other suppliers.
  4. Transparency – in the process of choosing the supplier we apply transparent criteria that are aimed at maintaining fair competition. We keep written records of the process of choosing the supplier.
  5. Providing information – at the request of the supplier, we provide information about the results of the proceedings, presenting – with the consent of the Client – justification for the selection of the most advantageous offer.
  6. Change of the offer submission date – we inform all suppliers about the change of the offer submission deadline.
  7. Prevention of conflicts of interest – we strive to avoid conflicts of interest that could violate the interests of customers and suppliers. If, despite due diligence, the conflict arose, we strive to resolve it in a manner that ensures fair and fair treatment of both parties.
  8. Information from customers – we strive to acknowledge and understand the needs of our Clients, adjusting the individual scope of services and the entire offer to its needs and requirements, while taking into account the market situation.
  9. Protection of customer information – we collect and process data obtained in contact with the Client to the extent provided by law. We use the collected data only to conclude and execute agreements with suppliers.
  10. Counteracting corruption – We do not accept or offer material benefits resulting from fulfilled functions or tasks.

II. Our competences:

  1. Resources and procedures – we have adequate resources and the potential to efficiently perform tasks resulting from concluded contracts with Clients. We apply transparent procedures and monitor our operations.
  2. Knowledge and experience – we have adequate knowledge and experience necessary to take on the tasks entrusted to us; we regularly participate in training and courses that aim to improve our qualifications and competences.
  3. Diligence and responsibility – we conduct our business diligently and with due diligence. We make sure that people acting on our behalf have appropriate professional competences and adopt an ethical attitude.


III. Participation of the Client in the process of choosing a supplier:

  1. Customer’s subjectivity – based on the recommendations presented, our Clients have a final impact on the supplier’s selection process and the terms and conditions included in the contract with the supplier.
  2. Criteria for the selection of the supplier – we agree with the customer on the criteria for selecting the supplier and the rules for future cooperation.
  3. The deadline for submitting offers – the time for submission of offers is determined in consultation with the Client.
  4. Offers submitted after the deadline – we reserve the right to reject bids submitted after the deadline. The customer has the right to agree to accept the offer submitted after the deadline and to include it in the further selection process of the supplier.
  5. The choice of the supplier – the final decision on the choice of the supplier is taken by the Client, based on our recommendation.


IV. What we expect from the suppliers:

  1. Compliance – submission of offers that correspond to the content and conditions contained in the requests for proposals.
  2. Timeliness – submitting offers within the prescribed period under the pain of rejection of the submitted offer.
  3. Openness – providing necessary explanations for inquiries regarding submitted offers.
  4. Flexibility – flexibility in terms of negotiating and determining the content of the contract with special regard to the Client’s requirements and the conditions contained in the presented offer.
  5. Transparency of issued invoices – issuing invoices and bills in a transparent manner, so that the content contained therein is understandable and consistent with the terms contained in the offer presented.


V. What we expect from the distribution system operators:

  1. Openness – exercising due diligence in providing full, readable and understandable information related to the supplier change procedure.
  2. Free change of supplier procedure – no need for additional customers
  3. Availability of current documents – current availability of the contract template for the provision of electricity distribution services together with all necessary attachments and a commitment to update the records contained therein.
  4. Correctness of readings – keeping the utmost diligence so that the readings of the measurement systems are made in a reliable manner, and the measurement data correspond to the actual state.


VI. What we expect from the suppliers and distribution system operators:

  1. Consideration of complaints – an obligation to accept complaints or appeals made in writing and to provide a response in accordance with applicable law.
  2. Transparency of issued invoices – issuing invoices and invoices in a legible manner, so that their content enables identification of all cost items that make up the Customer’s total commitment.
  3. Observance of the terms of the contract – keeping payment deadlines, billing periods and agreed rules for issuing invoices.