Utility costs and billing management services

For companies that run retail chains or provide financial services, and entities of the public finance sector (cities, municipalities, poviats) it is difficult to comprehensively manage the costs of electricity and other utilities without having the necessary tools.

In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we have developed and implemented an IT system. All data and documents regarding the purchase of electricity and other utilities (gas, heat, water and sewage) are uploaded to the system and archived there. The Client has an online access to the system, which enables them to:

  • download data for cost analysis,
  • generate reports (invoices, counters, contracts, complaints, etc.),
  • access any invoice issued by the media provider, for any collection point,
  • access contracts with the providers.

As part of the administrative service, we provide support in analysing utility contracts, prepare applications for connection to the electricity and gas networks, conduct complaint processes, set budgets and reserves, and prepare necessary reports.