Preparing and conducting a tender for the supply of electricity in a flexible model and managing electricity purchasing

The process of preparing and conducting a tender for electricity supply in a flexible model and management of energy purchasing consists in developing a model of flexible purchasing and preparing the necessary documentation required by the public procurement procedure based on the Public Procurement Law. Throughout the process we provide consulting services.

As part of the preparation of the tender for the supply of electricity in the flexible model, all documents are prepared, including terms of reference, prerequisites and the criteria for evaluation of offers.

We anticipate the following forms of cooperation in conducting a tender process for an natural gas supplier:

  • provision of consultancy services during the proceedings;
  • conducting the proceedings on behalf of the Ordering Party.

As a result the best offer is selected, taking into account the criteria for bids evaluation specified in the tender terms of reference, and a contract is concluded between the Ordering Party and the selected natural gas supplier.

After the contract is awarded, we offer assistance in the area of:

  • preparation of the contract award notice,
  • preparation and placing the contract award notice in the Public Procurement Bulletin,
  • sending the contract award notice to the Publications Office of the European Union on behalf of the Ordering Party.

When required, we also provide necessary assistance in terminating of existing agreements or we conduct this process on behalf of the Ordering Party. The final step is monitoring of the proces of changing a supplier.

The management of electricity purchase starts with the development of an individual purchase strategy that meets business objectives of the Ordering Party. We use flexible models of electricity purchase – the purchase of conventional energy and property rights based on the quotations of the Polish Power Exchange. Together with the Ordering Party, we set the rules for the purchase of electricity, i.e. the number of conventional energy and property rights tranches, the level of losses – the level of “stop loss”, the minimum and maximum percentages of planned electricity consumption, time horizons of entered transactions, assignment of roles and scope of responsibility, transaction authorization, submission of orders for purchase of conventional energy and property rights to the electricity supplier selected in the tender.

We monitor the market and manage the purchasing decisions during the contract. Nevertheless, the Ordering Party can contact electricity suppliers directly and influence the electricity price. The Ordering Party receives reports on our trading performance and cost forecasting and is kept informed and in control.

Flexible purchasings ensure the recipents receive the product set to their needs within energy contracting. The Orderng Parties may contact directly to suppliers and have influence on negotiated price. The Ordering Party receives reports on conventional energy prices and property rights prices quoted on Polish Power Exchange.

In order to ensure the highest quality of the service, a supervisor is appointed for the entire duration of the cooperation, who acts as an individual adviser in the field of a flexible model of electricity purchasing.