Smart Metering

An electronic system dedicated to measure energy consumption and other utilities. Intelligent measurement systems enable two-way real-time communication of information systems with electronic meters of electricity, natural gas, heat and water.

The Smart Metering System we offer includes:

  • creating the projects of utilities monitoring with the schedules of cost centers and measurement methods, as well as selection of devices and designing of monitoring installations;
  • installation of of device for utilities monitoring: electricity, steam, hot and cold water, natural gas – consumption meters of individual utilities and data transmission networks;
  • activation of installed monitoring systems in the field of data reading and data transmission;
  • IT support of installed monitoring systems: creating of databases, consumption reports, budget planning, overruns alerts; if required by the Client, total consumption and individual cost centers analyses are carried out;
  • analysis of reactive energy overruns, selection of devices in case overruns are confirmed, installation of reactive energy compensation devices and operation monitoring, data readouts and operation reporting;
  • monitoring of electricity, natural gas, water, heat, temperature parameters and alerts reporting