Banks, retail, and service chains

Banks, retail, and service chains

Energy Solution Ltd. is a group of professionals working in the field of energy improvements, providing support to the banking industry.

Our proposal for companies includes a full range of services for the banking sector, including energy purchasing strategies, energy efficiency audits or energy cost optimization, among others. We offer unique solutions, closely tailored to the needs of our clients.

ESG Reports

ESG reporting is the public release of non-financial data on an entity's operations

Trade in guarantees of origin

The guarantee of origin of electricity from renewable energy sources is a document that confirms to the customer

Cost management and administration of utility invoices

Our company specializes in comprehensive management of utility costs and consumption based on detailed data analysis.


Our knowledge is backed by references from our clients,
which is a direct the result of our experience,
continuous development and service to a variety of clients
business, such as manufacturing plants,
stores, retail chains, developers, banks and public sector entities.


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