Inspiring successes
and practical applications

See how our energy solutions have contributed to our customers' successes and learn about the practical applications of our services.

Inspiring successes
and practical applications

See how our energy solutions have contributed to our customers' successes and learn about the practical applications of our services.


Our knowledge is backed by references from our clients,
which is a direct the result of our experience,
continuous development and service to a variety of clients
business, such as manufacturing plants,
stores, retail chains, developers, banks and public sector entities.

The City of Bialystok in 2022 selected an electricity seller for 2023 using a flexible electricity purchase model. The average electricity purchase price for street lighting obtained in the first half of the year translated into savings for the City of more than PLN 1.1 million compared to the maximum price set by law.

Hennes & Mauritz has chosen to work with us on smart metering/telemetry in addition to managing energy and gas purchases, optimizing distribution service costs, and providing administrative services.
Energy Solution’s technical team has performed about 500 telemetry installations at HM dealerships in the following countries over the past 5 years:
Poland – number of metered locations 190, Hungary – 46, Romania – 56, Lithuania – 10, Latvia – 9, Estonia – 12, Ukraine – 9, Croatia – 16, Bulgaria – 19, Greece – 35, Serbia – 15, Cyprus – 2, Macedonia – 1, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2, Georgia – 3, Czech Republic – 48, Slovakia – 29,

Electronic meters are used for metering electrical circuits, especially lighting, HVAC, main power circuit, and TDL ( Telemetric Data Limiter to be able to upload the collected data from the meters to our server.

As a result, the acquired data is presented to the client in our proprietary Grafana program and reports are prepared through Tableau, which tools enable the client to perform current and historical analysis, data comparison, control and verification of energy consumption.

Facility managers are actively using the installed e-metering, which has helped generate savings of 10% – 12% to budget assumptions.

A large group of our customers are energy-intensive industry companies. These companies are entitled to take advantage of concessions aimed at reducing high energy costs.

One of them is Fibris S.A., a Polish manufacturer of fiberboard.
Our cooperation began in 2015, when the possibility of obtaining RES relief for energy-intensive customers consuming less than 100 GWh of electricity was emerging. At that time, we offered support in becoming an Industrial Customer. The company’s Board of Directors accepted our proposal, because with an annual energy consumption volume of 40 GWh, this translated into a significant reduction of energy costs.
As part of the project, every year we submit a statement to the Energy Regulatory Office on meeting the criteria for obtaining the status of Industrial Recipient, together with an auditor’s opinion confirming the correctness of the calculation of the energy consumption intensity factor. The ERO President then places such an entity on the list of Industrial Consumers for the following calendar year. This entry is the basis for a reduction in the cost of active energy, through a reduction in the amount of green and blue certificates that are a component of the price of active energy, as well as for the Energy Distributor to apply a discount on the RES fee and the cogeneration fee. The final stage of the project cycle is the submission of a report to the ERO on the fulfillment of the obligation resulting from the Industrial Customer status.

Another relief possible for energy-intensive consumers has appeared in the amended Excise Tax Law. Thanks to it, an industrial consumer can get a partial refund of the excise tax paid on energy. As in the case of the RES tax credit, together with our client, we have been applying for excise tax refunds every year since 2017.
Thanks to cooperation in both areas, Fibris S.A. has achieved savings of more than PLN 7 million.

Energy Solutions provided us with excellent advice on purchasing electricity. Their specialists analyzed our energy needs and offered us optimal solutions that resulted in significant savings. Their speed and efficiency were impressive. We highly recommend Energy Solutions as a trusted partner in the field of electricity purchasing.