Energy Manager for local authorities and government units

Energy Solution will support the city in energy development. Complicated procedures will become simple with our support.

Energy Manager for local authorities and government units

Energy Solution will support the city in energy development. Complicated procedures will become simple with our support.

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1. We are specialists in shaping the City’s energy, climate protection and low-carbon development policies and strategies in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. We develop, update and integrate strategic documents and plans for energy and climate management.

2. We provide opinions on the activities set out in the strategic plans for energy and climate change adaptation.

3. We initiate energy-saving measures in the public sector. Our tasks include:

  • analysis and approval of contracts for the supply of heat, electricity and gas;
    analysis of the demand of municipal organizational units for utilities, with the aim of correct selection of tariffs, optimization of consumption, ordered power, and removal of irregularities in the system;
  • monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in the City’s facilities (current record of energy costs and volumes, general information about the facilities);
  • providing opinions on the construction of thermo-modernization and grid-related changes in the City’s public facilities;
  • consulting on the possibility of the City’s participation in EU and international programs and projects on efficient use of energy, water and environmental protection;
  • initiating cooperation with national and foreign organizations promoting rational use and management of energy, including representation of the City;
  • initiating activities related to the dissemination of good practices, information on implemented tasks and projects, including: promoting pro-energy and pro-environmental behavior, in particular, promoting energy conservation and renewable energy sources in the City, implementing and promoting new ways to save energy.

4. We protect the climate by acting in the field of achieving climate neutrality for public buildings, coordinating the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, heating sources and RES installations.

5. We identify public buildings managed by the Municipality for energy efficiency improvements, installation of RES installations and other measures that will make them climate neutral.

6. We shall create a municipal information system with data on energy consumption in the Municipality, and manage and update it on a regular basis.

7. We oversee energy policy in the City area.

8. We organize and monitor the process of selecting entities to provide various types of services (consulting, supervision) and selecting energy efficiency projects (including in construction, transportation, industry, tourism, commerce) and the use of renewable energy sources to be implemented in the City.

9. We give our opinion on energy audits and energy parts included in grant applications for city investments.

10. We initiate modernization measures for existing street lighting and indoor lighting.

11. We give our opinion on the solutions to be included in the local spatial development plans for the supply of heat, electricity and gaseous fuels.

We will build an energy strategy for your business!

Energy strategy is not just about buying utilities – especially buying electricity or gas. With our professionalism and years of experience, as part of our strategy:

  • we will optimize your company’s energy procurement and consumption costs, aligning with current sustainability trends;
  • we will efficiently manage the areas of electricity, gas, heat, compressed air, cooling, production equipment or automation and control system;
  • we will find the ideal solutions, tailored to your company’s profile! We offer you long-term support in the process and point out the areas to be improved first.

Our goal is to create a long-term media management policy by tailoring it to your needs:

  • purchasing strategy,
  • strategy for improving operational excellence based on:
    • an inventory of the Plant’s existing infrastructure;
    • energy analysis of the existing state;
    • analysis of awareness of optimization of energy consumption;
    • analysis of possible optimization tasks;
    • implementation of selected optimization tasks;
    • verification of energy savings.
Manage better and save more with the support of Energy Solution!