About us

The idea that guides us is to maintain the position of a consultancy leader in the field of electricity and natural gas purchase in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We promote professionalism in every market. We increase the potential and value of the company by keeping the pace of changes required by our customers’ needs. We effectively talk about innovations: we educate, motivate and involve.



We ensure the constant development of the Company by maintaining the highest level of services and setting standards in the markets we serve. Our mission is to take care of the clients and business partners through the use of modern technical and technological solutions in the field of electricity and natural gas. Since 2008 we have been systematically developing our competencies based on knowledge, experience and commitment of our employees.

About Company

We are professional advisory company in the field of electricity and natural gas. Our support covers the technical, financial and legal scope. The offer is addressed to Business Customers and Public Finance Sector Entities. We offer a comprehensive service on a long term basis. We monitor progress and we are constantly on the lookout for the most effective solutions.


We offer: purchasing management within energy and gas martkets on the basis of stock quotes, risk management within energy and gas purchasing, costs optimization within energy distribution and reactive energy. obtaining the status of an industrial customer and RES levy exemption, process of a complete or partial excise duty exemption, elaboration of enterprise energy audit, energy efficiency audit, management of utility costs and billing services, conducting tenders for energy or gas purchasing within public contracts, smart metering. We provide investment activities in the field of high-efficiency cogeneration.


The Energy Solution company was established in 2008, and its start was related to the deregulation of the electricity market in Poland. At the beginning, we provided services related to the change of electricity supplier and optimization of distribution costs. In 2012, we established cooperation with the leader of consulting services in Europe – Bergen Energi AS, currently a part of Kinect Energy Group. At the same time, we launched services in the field of electricity purchase management based on stock quotes. We have created an IT system to monitor the costs and consumption of utilities. Deregulation of the natural gas market in Poland enabled us to expand our operations and introduce new consulting services. Concurrently we launched projects within generating electricity and heat in high-efficiency cogeneration in cooperation with Green Investment Sp. z o.o. Since 2016 we have also offered services regarding energy efficiency audits (white certificates) and energy audits of enterprises.