Energy efficiency audit

We will increase energy efficiency in your company.

Energy efficiency audit

We will increase energy efficiency in your company.

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energy efficiency audit

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Grzegorz Marciniak

Director of Development and Procurement CEE

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Janusz Kubiak

Key Account Manager

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Mariusz Sarosiek

Key Accounkt Manager

Entrust us with an energy audit and get peace of mind!

We will analyze opportunities to improve energy efficiency in your enterprise. We will perform a balance sheet of the consumption of energy utilities in the current state, after which we will identify areas of significant energy consumption. Based on the conclusions of this analysis, we will select specific measures in the area, which, when implemented, will increase energy efficiency. This will reduce the cost of energy utilities. The analysis will be obligatorily preceded by an on-site visit, which involves obtaining the necessary data on the state of the technical infrastructure and determining energy losses.

We will examine various areas of energy consumption, looking for sources of energy losses and opportunities for their management, for example through waste heat recovery. We will prepare an audit report, in which the most relevant information is to determine the amount of energy that can be saved and its cost. In addition, we will perform an economic analysis that shows whether the investment is profitable.

We will make specialized measurements that will provide a lot of data, based on which we will make recommendations.

These measurements will provide a lot of data on the basis of which we will make appropriate recommendations. Actual measurements will be made on specific equipment or installations. They are the best and most reliable way to assess the current technical condition of the studied area of energy consumption.

The measurements we can take for you are:

  • thermal imaging of buildings
  • thermal imaging of equipment and installations
  • optical endoscopy
  • illumination intensity
  • non-invasive measurement of liquid flow
  • analysis of the composition of exhaust gases
  • tightness measurement of gas and compressed air installations

Do you own a refrigeration system? This is the option for you!

Some of the more energy-intensive processes include food and industrial refrigeration. We will apply modern solutions to support electricity savings.With us, you will annually save up to 112 500 kWh per year!
This will give you the chance to obtain white certificates. In this way, with more efficient operation of the refrigeration plant, you can obtain a one-time subsidy of 200 000 PLN.

Take advantage of our expertise and find out how much your company can save!