Small and medium enterprises

Small and medium enterprises

Energy Solution Ltd. is a team of specialized consultants in the field of energy reorganization and optimization, offering support to the SME sector.

We are the authors of the best solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas of energy purchasing, energy efficiency audits or energy cost optimization, among others. We provide services tailored to the specific needs of our clients and support them in maximizing savings.

Smart Metering

Smart metering - telemetry, is a collection of devices used to provide up-to-date metering data

Energy audit of the enterprise

As part of such an audit, at least 90% of the energy consumed by the company during the annual baseline period must be analyzed.

Investments in own generation sources

Taking into account the assumed optimization of electricity costs, we offer support for investment in our own generation sources.


Our knowledge is backed by references from our clients,
which is a direct the result of our experience,
continuous development and service to a variety of clients
business, such as manufacturing plants,
stores, retail chains, developers, banks and public sector entities.


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